packwood, iowa

COMING FROM THE NORTH: If you find yourself on Highway 78 somewhere in between Hedrick and Richland head south on County Highway V63 until you hit our one and only flahsing stop light. Enjoy the view of our city sign from this direction.

COMING FROM THE EAST: If you're lost north of Fairfield somewhere on Highway 1 and take County Highway H17 to the west and find yourself on our city's northeast side. Don't stop for gas until you visit the transport and sign up for a gas card first!

COMING FROM THE SOUTH: If you find the driving too rough on Highway 34 between Ottumwa and Fairfield please take the north exit on the Packwood Road or County Highway V63 to see the Burma Shave signs just south of the city as the crow flies.

COMING FROM THE WEST: Chances are if you are coming from the west you either have just visited our fine Pekin Community School facility or the mud from the dirt road has weighed down your car. Either way, if you need help, anyone outside in their yard will probably greet you with a smile!